Your home is one of the greatest assets you can ever own.It’s the place you and your family resort to after a hard day’s work,that on top of being one of the stages where lasting,beautiful family memories are made.Those two points alone should give you enough motivation to have your home transformed into it’s best possible state,both in terms of functionality and aesthetic value.And that transformation can be easily achieved by doing a simple home renovation,which also drives up the value of your home tremendously!

There are quite a number of things in your home that can benefit from a home renovation,and in this feature i’ll be writing about those one’s that any home stands to benefit from,from your compound,into your house and all the way into your backyard!Enjoy;


Give your entire or selected parts of your home a new coat of paint,sure to give the room a new lease of life!Do make sure to choose shades and colors that will complement the surroundings.Feel free to use color charts for an experts opinion on which colors go well together,either by matching or contrasing them!The charts can easily be found and downloaded on the net!

Also,be sure to settle for colors that agree with a rooms intended ambience,e.g orange,which works up an appetite,for the dining room.Mild,gentle colours like cream for your bedroom,since they are relaxing colours!Get the drift?


One way of giving your furniture a new look is to have them re-done.Get in touch with a reputable carpenter and work together with him to transform your couch or seats from drab to fab.Settle for colours and patterns for the upholstery fabrics that not only look super on their own,but one’s guaranteed to complement the entire room well.Remember to ask for your carpenters advise,he is a professional after all.Ask for advise on matters like which are the best fabrics in terms of texture,durability,maintenance,etc. For more information on how to setup the kitchen and home with furniture and appliances, click here.


Install lights with a bit of flair and “wow factor” to them.Get rid of those light holders and bulbs that look like spotlights,streetlights and operating theaters!You can find beautiful and pocket friendly options at many outlets!

Feel free to branch off the traditional light shades and settle for exciting colous like purple for your balcony,pink for your daughter’s room and light blue for the bathroom!However,remember that moderation is key,so don’t overdo it!




Grab a new set of matching or complementing door locks and knobs,taps,sinks,staircase rails,etc.


Get rid of worn out carpets,broken or ugly tiles or simply bad floors with a number of fantastic options in the form of new tiles,carpets and rugs,or a complete floor makeover to cover those cracks and potholes!Wooden floors are superb too because of their beauty and ability to remain cool during hot weather and relatively warm during chilly weather!


Uproot those dead or withered plants and flowers and replace them with new,fresh,exotic one’s.They are the face of your frontyard/lawn/backyard!

You can also included a number of beautiful plants inside your house’s registry in the form of potted plants/flowers!The market is awash with tonnes of unique pots and vases from all over the world,so getting something to suit your preference is guaranteed!

You may or may not need to apply all the suggested tips above,but that shouldn’t be a problem,you can pick just a few to start with,or even one at a time!So get started,good luck!

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